Remembrance Gardens is a beautiful cremation garden where friends and family can honor the lives of those who have gone before.

Surrounded by the natural glory of the Texas Hill Country, Remembrance Gardens is a meditative place for anyone seeking a final resting place for those who have chosen cremation. We invite you to experience the abundance of nature, memories, and spirituality of Remembrance Gardens.

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512 329-6007

4214 Capital of TX Hwy, N
Austin, TX 78746

Cemetery Hours

Monday – Sunday 7:00am-6:00pm
Including Holidays

* Inclement weather, however, may restrict access.


A Place of Honor

Remembrance Gardens is a sacred place, interweaving nature, memory, and spirituality. Nestled within the splendor and tranquility of the Texas Hill Country, Remembrance Gardens offers unique interment opportunities for individuals or entire families. Remembrance Gardens is built in and around the slopes of Riverbend Canyon, with native vegetation, meandering pathways, and expansive canyon vistas. The terraced garden has been designed to exist in harmony with the native beauty of the land.

Areas are designed into the landscape throughout the gardens and pavilion, so that you can select a place that resonates with your needs. Whatever your faith, background or need, here you’ll find peace, understanding, and solitude. Remembrance Gardens is here to help you find a special way to honor and remember a loved one. Ground interments, wall niches for urns, and memorial dedications are all available.

Take a Tour

The Memorial Pavilion

The Memorial Pavilion overlooks the terraced gardens and canyon, providing a secluded shelter for private meditation. Traditional niches for ashes and walls for memorial plaques are in the Pavilion.

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a beautiful, limestone-paved garden overlooking the ravine waterfalls. There are bench niches, ground interments and memorial pavers.

The Terrace Garden

Pathways wind along the canyon slope with vistas overlooking the ravine, waterfall, and peaceful pools. Interment areas within the Terrace Gardens include:

  • The Butterfly Meadow
  • Sunset Canyon
  • Cascade Landing
  • Rock Terrace
  • The Upper Garden
  • Canyon Overlook
  • Ravine Overlook
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Interring Ashes

There are several special areas where the ashes of loved ones may be interred, including individual spaces and family areas, throughout the terraces and canyons. Wall niches for urns are located in the Memorial Pavilion at the center of the gardens.

Memorial Dedications

Throughout the gardens are places where you can honor family members and loved ones with memorial plaques and pavers. There are numerous memorial opportunities throughout the walkways, gardens and pavilion.

Family Areas

Within the gardens are several areas that can be reserved and dedicated to your family for generations to come. You may learn more about the many places to reflect there.

Other Memorials & Tributes

The gardens offer beautiful areas, features and artisan work that can be dedicated to the memory of those you love. We can discuss these opportunities and how they can meet your needs and desires.